How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Pickup in Winnipeg's Winter - PLUS MPI Financing Tips & Tricks

How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Pickup in Winnipeg's Winter - PLUS MPI Financing Tips & Tricks



With Winnipeg's renowned harsh winters, having the right tires for your pickup is an absolute necessity. In Winnipeg, the winter months can bring substantial snowfall and icy roads, creating challenging driving conditions. As a pickup truck owner, investing in quality winter tires can make a significant difference in safety and performance. This guide will help you choose the right tires for your pickup in Winnipeg's winter, and introduce you to the MPI Winter Tire Financing Program.

The Importance of Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed specifically to perform in cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions. They're made from a softer rubber compound that stays flexible in the cold, providing better grip and improved braking on snow and ice. The unique tread patterns of winter tires also work to expel snow and prevent build-up, offering superior traction on Winnipeg's wintery roads.

Choosing the Right Winter Tires for Your Pickup

  1. Size: The first step in choosing winter tires is to confirm the size that your pickup requires. This information is typically found on the sidewall of your current tires.

  2. Tread Pattern: Look for winter tires with deep, wide treads and many sipes (small slits) that provide the necessary traction for snow and ice.

  3. Load Rating: Ensure that the winter tires you choose have an appropriate load rating for your pickup, especially if you often carry heavy loads or tow.

  4. Quality: It's essential to invest in high-quality winter tires from reputable manufacturers. These tires will offer optimal performance and have longer lifespans.

MPI Winter Tire Financing Program

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) offers a Winter Tire Financing Program for Manitobans. The program provides low-interest financing (in fact, the lowest possible interest in Manitoba) to eligible Manitobans at prime plus two per cent, up to $2,000 per vehicle. This can be used for the purchase of qualifying winter tires, rims, tire pressure monitoring systems, and associated costs from participating retailers.

Did you know: You can use MPI Winter Tire Financing for the purchase of All Terrain Tires and not just dedicated Winter Tires. You just need to know which ones qualify and are 3-Peak Snow Flake Rated ❄️. 

Bonus: Winter Tire Financing will cover any additional items on your order if purchased with qualifying tires... this means, rims, installation costs and accessorie such as lug nuts and TPMS sensors.

As a proud participant of the MPI Winter Tire Financing Program, Apex Rim & Tire Winnipeg is committed to making winter tire purchases affordable and convenient for pickup owners in our community.

If you are a Manitoba resident, you can check if you quality instantly here:
MPI Winter Tire Financing Program


Driving in Winnipeg's winter requires preparation and the right equipment, and that starts with selecting the right winter tires for your pickup. With our wide selection of top-quality winter tires and our participation in the MPI Winter Tire Financing Program, Apex Rim & Tire Winnipeg is your go-to source for all your winter tire needs.

Stay safe on the road this winter. Visit us today to explore our range of winter tires designed to tackle Winnipeg's harsh winter conditions.


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